Thursday, April 21, 2011

Six protesters shot dead by police in Yemen

Sana'a (Yemen) .- Five people were killed by gunshot wounds in Sanaa when police tried to disperse a demonstration demanding the resignation of President Ali Abdallah Saleh of Yemen, according to medical sources. "The final statement is five deaths by bullets and 60 wounded, 23 of which are in serious condition," stated one of the doctors at the hospital serving the protesters, installed next to the University of Sanaa.

Dozens of protesters were also symptoms of asphyxiation after the massive use of tear gas agents, the report said. Another Yemeni was killed by the impact of rubber bullets in the city of Taez (southwest), leaving the balance of the day on Tuesday in six victims. Shooting in Hodeidah On Wednesday, a motorcyclist has fired upon a group of demonstrators in a square of Hodeidah, west of the country, killing one, according to organizers of the protests in this Red Sea coastal city motorcyclist, which also wounded eight other people, opened fire on demonstrators who participapan at dawn prayers, and then fled.

In Aden, a police officer dead and three others wounded by gunfire from protesters, according to medical sources. The organizing committee has called for new demonstrations of protest marches across the country.

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