Thursday, April 21, 2011

Curfew in the Tunisian city of Sneden

The authorities of the town of Sneden, south of the Tunisian capital, imposed a curfew after the serious incidents yesterday which killed two students, local sources reported on Wednesday. The curfew, which took effect yesterday, range from 17.00 (15.00 GMT) at 05.00 pm (0300 GMT) and its duration will depend on the developments, the sources added.

This area has seen heavy fighting in the last 24 hours and the situation deteriorated yesterday when a fight between two students from different tribes ended in a pitched battle. In the incident killed two students, one a teenager, and 50 others injured. The severity of the fighting forced to speak to the soldiers, who used batons and tear gas to disperse those involved and prevent acts of destruction and sabotage, the sources said.

In addition to establishing a curfew, local authorities have also announced the closure of schools and colleges and the suspension of classes. A month ago, incidents broke out in the same area due to tribal clashes.

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