Thursday, April 21, 2011

CHINA - The writers bristle

For two weeks, fifty writers engaged against the Chinese search engine Baidu a fight for the respect of their copyrights. After the breakdown of negotiations, the discussions had stalled, but on March 28, the CEO of Baidu, Li Yanhong (Robin Li), who accessed it recently to the rank of First Capital of China, spoke to topic at the annual meeting of the leaders of IT in Shenzhen China.

"My position is very clear: if we fail to manage Baidu Wenku [the bookstore and online library Baidu], it is necessary to close this service!" Mr. Li says Baidu attaches great importance to this issue and said he had mobilized several services to find a solution to the dispute. He hopes that the controls on copyright will be strengthened.

March 15, about fifty Chinese authors, including Pingwe Jia Liu Xinwu, Han Han, Guo and Li Jingming Chengpeng, signed a letter accusing the library Wenku have posted without their consent virtually all of their works, which were becoming a free download. They asked Baidu to stop violating their copyrights.

A week later, a meeting of twenty private booksellers and publishers was held under the auspices of the Chinese Writers Association (CEA). Negotiations were then held with Baidu. But two days after talks were suspended following disagreements too important. Following that, six representatives of the ACS reported that they intended to bring the case to court.

March 26, in an official statement, Baidu has promised to eliminate within 72 hours of any work posted without the permission of its author. She apologized to the writers concerned while stating that "Baidu Wenku had not benefited from pirated works or not advertised for them." Zhang Hongbo, representing the league against the publishers of copyright infringement by Baidu and vice-president of the ACS, responded to this topic during an interview he has given us.

For him, the closure of the online library of Baidu is certainly a good thing, but could not erase all the damage for a year [Baidu Wenku service was launched in November 2009]. During negotiations, authors and publishers had asked four requests to Baidu, demanding that the site offers a public apology and pay damages for injuries suffered, he shall immediately cease violating copyright, it halt the spread of pirated content to the electronic book reader Aigo finally to put in place prior verification of the content published.

However, "these four claims were rejected one after the other without Baidu does take into consideration". Given the extensive differences between the two parties, the negotiations were finally broken. Representatives of the publishing world who have participated in these negotiations have expressed their opinion on the matter Baidu through their micro-blog.

The writer Murong Xuecun says that "our action beginning to bear fruit. Yanhong Li said the online library will be closed in case of breach of copyright, I agree with his comments, if they are sincere ". An optimism not shared by Shen Haobo, director of the publishing house [independent] Motie: "If we analyze well Baidu's recent statements, we realize that nowhere is it a question of changing the current model publication of pirated works or published without the consent of the author.

Yet the heart of the problem! Do not rejoice too soon. Obviously, we'll have to fight again. "In his" Letter to Mr. Li Yanhong ", published March 26 on his blog, Han Han said that" you are the entrepreneur's richest China today, and whose success has set an example, you need to have your say on Damage caused to the publishing industry by Baidu Wenku.

If you do not want to go back one inch from my side, I'll go ahead and it is possible that one day you saw me at the bottom of your building in Beijing. We do however ask you to close your online library. We only wish that Baidu Wenku take the initiative to protect the copyrights of the writers.

Thus, when the eBook market is mature, the site may contribute to living Chinese authors and do not figure, as now, public enemy of the profession! Baidu Wenku is quite capable of becoming a haven for writers and not a cemetery to bury them. "

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