Thursday, April 21, 2011

Castro hails Castro

After being elected as first secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), President Raul Castro said on Tuesday that assumes "your last job" with a commitment to defend socialism and "never to allow the return of the capitalist system" to their country . "I take my last job with the firm conviction and commitment to honor the first Secretary of Central Committee of Communist Party of Cuba's main mission and meaning of their lives to defend, preserve and continue perfecting socialism and never to allow the return of capitalist system, "said Raul Castro in his speech which was closed the VI Congress of the CCP.

The Cuban Communists Congress concluded on Tuesday that it has formalized over from Fidel Castro took over as PCC to be replaced by his brother Raul, until now deputy secretary, a post to which he was appointed first vice president of Cuba, Jose Ramon Machado Ventura . In his speech, Raul Castro spoke of his brother, who attended the event but did not speak "to indicate that" Fidel is Fidel, and requires no charge to always take top place in history to the present and future of the Cuban nation.

" "While you have the strength to do it, and fortunately, in the fullness of his political thinking, from its modest status of party militant and a soldier of ideas will continue carrying the revolutionary struggle and noble purposes of humanity", said Raul Castro . In addition to that relief, the Sixth Communist Congress has elected the members of its management: its central committee, the Politburo and the secretariat.

The new CPC Central Committee has 115 members and it has increased the quota for women to 41.7% of the total compared to 13.3 above, and racial diversity, increasing to 31.3 percent the presence of leaders black or mestizo. According to Castro, there is thus a first step to start the gradual process of renewal, rejuvenation and attention to gender and race issue already put forward in his speech opening the conference.

As for the political bureau, which is reduced from 24 to 15 members, three of them new, "has settled for an" appropriate proportion "of members of the revolutionary armed forces, said the Cuban president. In addition to these organizational decisions, the Sixth Congress of the Cuban Communist yesterday approved the economic reform plan proposed by Raul Castro to overcome the economic crisis.

The president expressed his belief that Cuba is among "a small number of countries" that have conditions to transform your model and overcome the crisis without social traumas. He also warned that the economic update "is not miracle that can be achieved in the overnight" and that the deployment will be gradual reform plan over next five years.

"The biggest enemy we face and will face our own shortcomings," said Raul Castro, who reiterated that it will make changes and corrections that may be required without putting at risk the unity of Cuba about their revolution.

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