Thursday, April 21, 2011

France, Italy and the UK will give military training to Libyan soil rebels

PARIS (Reuters) .- France and Italy sent military liaison officers to Libya to support rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi has announced the Gallic government spokesman, Francois Baroin and Italian Defense Minister Ignazio La Russa. Yesterday, the United Kingdom had already announced the dispatch of military advisers to help the Libyan National Transition Council.

"There will be a small number of liaison officers to the National Transition Council to organize the protection of civilians," said Baroin, noting that Paris has no intention of sending troops to the North African country. It has also clarified that the official figure will be a single digit.

The announcement coincides with a meeting in Paris today that will keep the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, and Abdel Jalil Mustafa, leader of the Libyan National Council. In a press appearance following a meeting in Rome with his British counterpart, Liam Fox, the Italian defense minister explained that "this decision was taken following a discussion between the Prime Minister (of Italy, Silvio) Berlusconi, and British Prime Minister, David Cameron.

" "It's a decision an hour ago, too early for details. The important thing is that our countries share the need to train insurgents, eager young people fighting for a cause they consider essential, but do not have the necessary military preparation, "said La Russa, told Italian media that gather." We will where there is safe to provide our expertise and allow them to oppose an army that, by contrast, is professional, "said the politician, referring to the troops of Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

The defense minister Italy indicated that, for the moment, the hypothesis of a ground intervention of international troops "can not", among other reasons because insurgents, he said, "do not want an intervention of this kind." "It is the insurgents who do not Islamic countries want to be accused of letting go to 'crusaders' in their territory, "said La Russa.

Also, the Minister informed of the availability of its Government to refuel in flight to the UK military aircraft passing through bases in Italy and the commitment reaffirmed today its British counterpart to continue participating in the allied operation, "which aims to give Libya a free and democratic government." We have also decided to extend the acceptance of NATO equipment in Italian bases and checking, according to the evolution of the situation, any further contributions if it became necessary, "said La Russa.

On Tuesday the British foreign secretary, William Hague, announced that Britain sent to Benghazi military advisers to help the Libyan National Council, which considered a "legitimate political party" to protect the civilian population and had assured that they will not give military training to the insurgents.

Dispatch to UK will strengthen the work already being done to "support and advice to the Libyan National Council on how best to protect civilians," Hague said, adding that in particular advice on how to "improve its structures military in terms of organization, communication and logistics, as well as the best way to deliver humanitarian and medical aid.

" "Our officers will not participate in training opposition forces and the armed, nor participate in the planning or execution of the operations of the Libyan National Council," he said.

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