Thursday, April 21, 2011

UK encourages its citizens in Syria to leave the country

London. .- The Foreign Ministry has urged UK Britons are currently in Syria to leave the country raised to the "deteriorating security situation." The British Government had previously advised against any travel to Syria unless it was "essential" because of the events that occur from the middle of last month against the regime of President Bashar al-Asad.

The Foreign Office has recommended Britons now living in Syria to leave on commercial flights in the light of the "deteriorating security situation" experienced in the country. The UK announcement comes after Syria has begun taking steps to repeal the Emergency Law to increased violence.

The Syrian government on Tuesday approved legislation to repeal the Emergency Law, in force since 1963, coinciding with the escalation of violence in the city of Homs. In an update to a statement posted on the official website, the ministry said Britain advised against travel to Syria unless it was "essential" because of "continuing unrest in urban centers across the country and fire artillery forces security that have resulted in an increase in the number of deaths.

" "The safety of British citizens is always our top concern. For the moment, there is a relative freedom of movement, all major roads and airports are open and operating commercial airline schedules are provided with sufficient capacity, "said the note from the Foreign Office. On the other hand, the ministry asked the British who decide to stay in the country to exercise caution and advised them to avoid the crowds and protests.

More than 200 Syrians have been killed during the riots taking place in the country since security forces began to violently suppress protests last March.

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