Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mubarak will explain the cause of 846 deaths in the riots in Egypt

Cairo .- The ousted President of Egypt Hosni Mubarak is partly responsible for the death of 846 personasdurante revolt against his regime, as found by the judicial commission investigating the events during the revolution in the North African country, local media reported today. "The order to fire on the demonstrators was only possible with consent," the media quoted Cairo the secretary of the commission, Judge Omar Marwan.

"The use of weapons of fire lasted several days and Mubarak did not take anyone to court for using live ammunition," he said. The commission appointed by the military council that rules the country has published a 400-page report investigates the measures that the Mubarak regime took over the 18 days that lasted the protests in Cairo and other Egyptian cities.

Stop It has talked with more than 17,000 civil servants, police, protesters and other witnesses. In addition, we have analyzed more than 800 amateur videos and photos. The report focuses primarily on the most violent phase of the protests, and the brutal police actions and attacks on demonstrators in Tahrir Square in central Cairo with batons who handed the ruling party members, while already dissolved - as well as the secret services.

The interventions of the police used live ammunition against demonstrators. Opened fire on a lethal "shots against the head and chest." The then Interior Minister Habib al Adli, thus appear next Sunday before the judges. Although there is no written order authorizing the shooting Mubarak, the commission considers responsible.

Based on the command structure that existed in the scheme, became aware of developments and nevertheless did nothing to stop it.

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