Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lampedusa reaches a vessel with 760

A boat with 760 immigrants from sub-Saharan origin on board reached the Italian island of Lampedusa from the coasts of Libya, according to Coast Guard sources confirmed Italy. The boat had been sighted in the early hours of the morning and was aided by the Italian authorities when he was forty miles south of Lampedusa.

Among immigrants who were aboard the boat were thirteen women and seventeen children, the sources added. Immigrants explained to the Italian authorities had left Tripoli (Libya) last Palm Sunday. The arrival of these immigrants in the early afternoon on Tuesday adds to the other vessel, with fifty passengers, during the early morning, which marked the first landing on the island of Lampedusa since last Friday.

This first group consists of persons of Tunisian nationality and that there were two women and two children, was taken to a reception center of the island. On the other hand, near the island of Pantelleria, south of Sicily, eight migrants were rescued today, presumably a Tunisian national, who were on a barge that drifted.

Another 40 people of Egyptian, Lebanese and Iraqi, who, according to preliminary information from the available, could have started from Greece, arrived last night in the village of Margherita di Savoia, in the southern region of Apulia, and have already been moved to different shelters in the nearby towns of Foggia and Bari, local media reported.

All Tunisian-considered economic migrants, arriving on Italian shores since last April 5 will be repatriated in terms of an agreement signed between the Government of Italy and the Tunisian authorities. Said on Monday Italy's Interior Minister, Roberto Maroni, have so far been repatriated more than 330 people of Tunisian nationality.

The bad weather in the Channel of Sicily have been hampered in recent days the arrival of new vessels from North Africa and the last landing on the Italian coast on record dating back to last Friday, when a ship arrived with 221 refugees from Libya.

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