Friday, February 18, 2011

Survived four years with a knife in the skull

A Chinese man has lived for four years with a blade about 10 centimeters lodged in his skull. Had to undergo emergency after doctors found it through an x-ray, as recorded by the Daily Mail The man has suffered headaches, excruciating migraine, as well as speech difficulties, and even spontaneous bleeding problems speech.

Symptoms that were wandering for four years by several hospitals in China. The surprise came when one of the doctors did an x-ray, where he discovered a piece of four-inch knife lodged in his head. Apparently, Li Fu, suffered four years ago, a heist, in which the attacker stabbed him with that same knife jaw, leaving the blade lodged in the right side of his face for four years.

Despite being treated for wounds he suffered, the men did not realize that the blade of the weapon was in the man's head 37. The patients and their families, missed the test result came even get a second opinion before it is put to the operation. Finally, the diagnosis remained the same.

The man is now admitted to the hospital in Yuxi, where he is recovering from surgery.

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