Friday, February 18, 2011

Michelle Obama turns the war of breast

The last thing Michelle Obama was expected to result in a 'war' dialectical account of breastfeeding. The First Lady of the United States wanted to celebrate the first anniversary of its campaign against obesity, 'Let's Move', appealing to mothers to breast-feed their children while they can, "Children who are breastfed longer, are less likely to obesity.

" Michelle Obama has been limited to encouraging private companies to take measures to facilitate breastfeeding. He has not even dared to put forward a fact that is obvious: America is the Western country recognizes fewer rights for working mothers. But the Tea Party Congressman Michele Bachman, the mother of five children, could not contain his anger and accused the first lady of wanting to impose a "nanny state." The Republican has aired the specter of "socialism"-the same argument used against health care reform "to attack his near namesake (an" L "separates them):" Does Michelle Obama really help mothers or want in background control them? ".

Bachman joins the offensive launched by Sarah Palin, who has spent months distributing chocolate biscuits in schools as an "answer" to Michelle Obama's proposal to reduce the intake of sugar and fat in school menus. "Mrs. Or is spreading dangerously reach the East Wing of the White House to interfere in our personal lives, "he writes on his part the third Michelle (Malkin) of this battle." Breastfeeding is good, "says the ultra-conservative blogger," but the last thing we need is a great mother to tell us how to educate our children.

"" It is absurd to declare a political battle over an issue like this, "writes Heather Turgeon meanwhile, a specialist in children's issues in Strollerderby." Michelle Obama is trying to shed light on the fact that 40% of black and Hispanic children are overweight. The First Lady does not intend to meddle in our lives is simply to promote one of the possible remedies.


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