Friday, February 18, 2011

Libya protests claiming the lives of 14 people

London / Tripoli. .- Fourteen people were killed during protests against régimendel Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, which began Tuesday night, according to Al Jazeera. the online edition of the newspaper Al Youm casualties number eleven. According to this latter source, the police killed five demonstrators in the town of al Baidha and six from the city of Benghazi, which also wounded at least 38 people.

In the city of Al Kubba, protesters have burned a police station. They alleged that semi means, in response to the bloodshed was stopped the regional head of the security forces of the Green Mountain region. Also reported on Wednesday held protests in Al Zinta, southwest of Tripoli. In amateur videos, which were published today on the Internet, appeared men who chanted slogans like "Gaddafi, we do not care, Al Zinta has no fear." According to reports, the police did not show up in that city, unlike Al Baidha, where all the protesters dispersed by force.

Meanwhile, Libyan citizens informed through Twitter social forum that access to the Internet was now unstable and that there was no access to television channel Al Jazeera, who has been covering the popular revolts in the Maghreb through the Libyan satellite. In turn, the website of the Libyan daily Al Youm government blamed the shooting at the guys that "peaceful demonstrators" and demanded the resignation of Gadaffi.

The newspaper reported that while in the city of Darnah, located on the north coast, there were new mass demonstrations, a day after Cutro people were shot dead in clashes in Al Bayda, the third largest city. The portal of the opposition media said 4,000 people protested today in this city again after burying those who died the previous day.

Security forces allegedly opened fire again when they marched to the central police station. Two people were seriously injured, said Al Youm. While, in Benghazi as followers of Gadaffi in Tripoli today formed several protest marches in support of their leader, according to reports from sources close to the government.

Rose pictures of Gaddafi and shouted: "The Revolution (1969) continues." The protests so far are concentrated in the cities of northeast Libya. State media had reported only step on the clashes in Benghazi during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, without mentioning any deaths. In contrast, state media have given extensive coverage of the demonstrations for Gaddafi carried out on Wednesday in several cities.

Through the Facebook network, the opposition called for demonstrations in all Libyan cities today, Day of Wrath, which coincides with the fifth anniversary of a protest against the regime that was drowned in blood. Also called to appear around the world in front of embassies obeyed. The Facebook group today called for a new uprising has already almost 21,000 fans.

The group Enoughgaddafi (enough to Gaddafi) said his site had been the target of an attack by hackers and that his command was canceled. The authorities have already warned they will not tolerate public disorder. Quryna newspaper, owned by Gaddafi's son Saif al Islam, branded the demonstrators in Benghazi of "saboteurs." The protests took place in that city after the arrest of activist and lawyer Turbiler Fathi, who was allegedly released, reportedly after the demonstrations.

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