Friday, February 18, 2011

Iranian opposition calls for a new demonstration for Sunday

Tehran. .- The Iranian opposition has called a new demonstration on Sunday reported today the websites related to the leaders of the reformist movement green, Mehdi Mir Hussein Mousavi Karroubi and, respectively. According to a statement released through those websites, the reason for the march to honor the memory of the two people killed in Monday's mobilization, suppressed by security forces after it was outlawed by the regime.

Both the opposition and the government dispute the accuracy of one of the dead, the young Sane Zahle, and both groups have already clashed on Wednesday during his funeral. According to state media, the youth was a member of the Islamist volunteer Basij militia and was shot and killed by members of the opposition group in exile Mujahedin Khalq (People's fighters).

However, both the opposition and independent sources indicate was a Kurdish student reform movement akin to the green. "We invite the Iranian people to participate in the seventh day of mourning for the death (of the two boys) in Tehran and other cities," the statement signed by "coordinating council hopes the green movement" and published in Kaleme web.

org and Sahmannews. The council, which was the author of the call on Monday in support of the popular uprisings in northern Africa, encouraged the Iranians to turn Sunday's march in "critical sample" of support and Karroubi Mousavi "in the road to freedom and human dignity. " "Will also show solidarity with our fellow Kurds and honor the blood of those dear Iranian Sunnis and Shiites that has been shed by religious tyranny," he added.

The Iranian opposition resumed on Monday after months of street silenced with a demonstration of support for the uprising in northern Africa, which was outlawed by the authorities and repressed by security forces. Opposition groups alleged that police used tear gas and blank ammunition to disperse the gathering, who shouted slogans against the Iranian regime and in favor of Egypt and Tunisia.

The opposition accused, also, the Iranian regime of "hypocrisy" because it has supported the popular demonstrations in Tunisia and Egypt, but prevents that attract opponents. On Tuesday, dozens of Iranian MPs in the House demanded the prosecution of opposition leaders, who could not attend because they were locked up and held incommunicado by police at their homes.

On Wednesday, the state attorney general and judiciary spokesman, Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei, reiterated that it will punish those responsible for the riots and accused the United States and Israel of being the cause of the fighting. The system of government, meanwhile, has called a demonstration after prayers tomorrow to protest the opposition demands.

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