Friday, February 18, 2011

Dignity Day in Morocco gaining more social support

Leaflets with the date and claims the appointment go hand in hand in cities such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Kenitra and Rabat. Four of the nearly twenty cities in Morocco have been called pro-democracy demonstrations in Morocco on Sunday. At the rate they are distributed the pamphlets, the arrests also happen.

Two minors in Kenitra, and four young men (one in Casablanca and Marrakech three) have been questioned today by police before being released, denounced the Moroccan Human Rights Association (AMDH), which has added to the claims and called the Movement of February 20. An integrated motion at first for only six young people encouraged by the revolutions in neighboring Tunisia and Egypt, created a Facebook group to demand democracy in their country, separation of powers and social rights.

With over 20,000 fans in the world wide web. And also they have already joined almost thirty entities. At his side are the most vindictive human rights associations in the country, trade unions, leftist political parties and organizations like the outlawed Islamist Justice and Charity, Sheikh Yassine, with a great pull in the population.

"We reject the tyranny and corruption in this unique time in history," said this afternoon at a press conference Elaouni Mohamed, representative of the National Instance for a democratic constitution and Support Network Mughrabi Revueltas. Elaouni has called for mass participation in the events of Sunday and denounced the intimidation of the Movement on 20 February.

Elaouni been identified as one of the claims of the organizers of the demonstrations that the Prime Minister in Morocco is independent of the king's palace and save functions representative. At her side, she Tahani Madman, member of the Movement and one of the stars of a video circulating on the Internet calling for the merger, add some more demands.

They want a democratic constitution, the dissolution of the government and parliament, a transitional government, an independent judiciary, which is held accountable to those who squander public money, that the Amazigh as an official language such as Arabic, the release of political prisoners; to open a case against the torturers and a dignified life with social rights.

Facebook has made Twitter one of their weapons to communicate, but have also created local committees to get to where you can not do Internet. They have set up cells to control the information displayed in the media about the demonstrations or to unify the slogans that were chanted on Sunday.

"I have come to accuse of siding with foreign intelligence, hacked their accounts and have been exploited by some media in Morocco to insult," complains Elaouni. Attests to its Oussama El Khlifi, representative of the Movement. The governor of Salé, Rabat village near where he lives with his family, called his father (police officer) to pressure.

"They told him that if he could not stand him, they would do." In some Moroccan media have accused him of being a Christian, alcoholic, homosexual or burning the Koran. Some threats and accusations, say from the bus, contrasting with the "serenity" that it hopes the Moroccan government demonstrations.

His spokesman also said this week they will hear the complaints of the young. And this Tuesday, the executive Alawi announced an injection of 1,330 million euros to curb the rise in prices of some commodities. Oussama and yours are happy that the Government is inclined to pay attention.

"We will not stop until they do."

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