Friday, February 18, 2011

The Egyptian prosecutor ordered preventive detention for three former ministers

The Egyptian prosecutor ordered preventive detention for three former ministers, including Interior Habib al Adli and a former senior official of the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) Ahmad Ezz, sources told Efe the prosecutor's office. The sources, who preferred anonymity, claimed that two former ministers to be investigated is that of Ahmad al Magrabi Housing and Tourism Zoher Garana.

For its part, the official MENA news agency, quoting judicial sources, said that Adli, considered by many responsible for the suppression of protesters during the first days of the recent protests have to answer for a crime of money laundering and speculation. Ezz Ahmad, former MP and former secretary of organization of the NDP, was popularly known as the man of steel, for their companies in this sector.

Many opponents consider him the primary responsibility for the electoral fraud of the last parliamentary elections in November-December. He is credited with the crime of obtaining a license illegally for the establishment of steel mills in the free zone of Suez. A Al Magrabi prosecutors accused him of manipulation in the allocation of building land in the city of 6 October for a company of which he was partner.

Al Garana is also accused of breach of trust by granting licenses for the creation of tourism businesses for people around them, according to MENA. This is the first time the prosecutor ordered the arrest of former government ministers to the resignation of Hosni Mubarak, on June 11. 15 days will be detained pending further inquiries.

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