Friday, February 18, 2011

Controversy in Turkey for a video in which a military endangers soldiers

"If there are cowards out there who can not stand, let them go now," shouts the captain, gun in hand. No wonder: the target that triggered it support two groups of soldiers. Nobody moves. "Run for your lives!" adds. Soldiers endure and the captain pulls the trigger. Once another. Then he turns around.

"Do not do that" begs someone. But yes, the captain, identified only with initials MG, crouches and shoots through his legs. Three times. After approaching the target: in fact, all the bullets have hit the mark. Fortunately, for those who supported it and now stare at the camera. The video, broadcast on the Internet, has been published on the website of several Turkish newspapers as the "Hürriyet".

An army statement admits that such "practices" is not on the training manual of the Turkish Armed Forces, and promised an investigation. He adds that the incident took place in the province of Sirnak, and implies that these "shot confidence" are not as rare and have practiced in public demonstrations and Special Forces.

It always goes right? The Turkish online journal BIANET doubts. Quoted the official figure of 408 suicides among soldiers in the past five years, the Kurdish deputy Fatma Kurtulan described as "suspicious." Leaves the question open whether some accidents could be caused by pressure or inhumane treatment.

As documented in a recent blog, called "The soldiers have, and where anonymous recruits tell of their sufferings, and be forced to remain immobile for a long time or even undress. There may be more. The family of the recruit Des Taner, who died in February last year Çandarli board, suspects that his son did not commit suicide as the official report says.

Believe he was killed. So says the letter sent by one of his companions, who argues that Tanner was killed to prevent smuggling denounced snuff and alcohol to which officers were involved. At least this last point is not unreasonable: in January, prosecutors arrested 27 military officers on charges of smuggling.

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