Friday, February 18, 2011

Bahrainis demand the fall of the Al Khalifa after the brutal repression

The brutal crackdown by the regime in Bahrain against demonstrators protesting peacefully to demand reforms (in which four people died and more than 300 injured) further increased the anger of the Bahrainis, who this evening were concentrated in Salmaniya Area Hospital, the largest in Manama. And not only demanded economic and political reforms but the fall of Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the emir of Bahrain.

'Down with the regime!''Down with the Royal Family! "They chanted. The military presence, however, was concentrated in the center, around the Pearl Plaza, the epicenter of the protests, although most protesters had taken to the hospital. Just watched a helicopter to the concentrate. Manama streets remained deserted despite being in Bahrain weekend.

Probably the fear of further police charges as of last night was that many Bahrainis prefer to take refuge in their homes. Pellets the police used to disperse the demonstrators. Men, women and children were injured and more than 60 people remain missing, mostly children. Analysts said the brutal crackdown by the regime because the emir of Bahrain has panicked.

In his view, that alone would explain the police operation launched last night against a thousand protesters slept in the same square, occupied peacefully on Tuesday who demanded, until now, democratic reforms, respect for human rights, equality and freedom of political prisoners and an end to the discrimination of the Sunni regime, which represents only 10% of the Bahraini-half million over the Shiite majority, almost 70%, according to Monica G.

Prieto. Following the brutal repression, the country's Foreign Minister Sheikh Khaled bin Ahmed al-Khalifa, said that police action was necessary to remove Bahrain's "edge of the abyss of sectarianism." The Bahraini government banned protests and the army will take all necessary measures to safeguard security, announced the Ministry of Interior.

In the morning, in the main hospital in Manama, the scenes of pain is everywhere. Physicians recounted horrifying scenes of the arrival at the medical center for the wounded in the repression of peaceful camping called reforms to the system of Bahrain. "Most of them have head injuries, there are wounded by live ammunition, we are overwhelmed," explained one doctor told 'Al Jazeera'.

Another doctor, fresh from the Plaza de la Perla, scene of the brutal police charge, was even more explicit. "On the pavement had brains of the demonstrators," he said between gasps. The explicit photographs hung by protesters confirm the scene: one of them can see a middle-aged man with his skull wide open.

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