Friday, February 18, 2011

A group of thugs attacked a reporter for ABC in Bahrain

Madrid. .- A reporter for U.S. broadcaster ABC that was covering the protest in the Pearl Roundabout in Manama, was beaten by thugs last night during the intervention by the Bahraini police to dismantle the camp that the protesters had set up at this point heart of the capital of the island. Miguel Marquez was live on the phone telling the police intervene to disperse the "2,000 or 3,000" protesters camped by tear gas when he was attacked.

In the recording you can hear the reporter shouting "no, no, no" and repeating over and over again, "journalist." For his part his assailants say "go" and then the journalist will announce, "I'm going" back to the hotel. In a later call, Marquez said he had been beaten by a group of thugs armed with sticks.

"I was beaten by a gang of thugs," he said.

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