Friday, February 18, 2011

Hundreds of Algerian students maintain their protest at the Ministry of Education

Algiers. .- Hundreds of students from different regions of Algeria, who have resumed their protest on Wednesday before the Higher Education Ministry in Algiers against a presidential decree to consider devaluing their degrees, according to EFE found. At least 600 university students today remained concentrated at the ministerial headquarters in central Algiers, after dozens of them spend the night camped out with blankets on sidewalks and streets near the Ministry.

Young people say they will keep the protest and strike in higher education institutions in the country until their demands are met. "We will go all the way to express our anger, we are willing to spend whole nights in the street, it's time that the authorities take into account our requests and stop mistreating us, "he told Reuters one of the students.

The students from universities of Algiers and other cities as Blida, Tizi-Ouzou and Boumerdes, carrying dozens of banners against the presidential decree and remain controlled by the police. "Colleges, diplomas lower", "SOS engineers in danger "or" We will not trample "are some of the slogans of the banners held by protesters.

The chancellors of various universities are meeting this morning with officials from the Ministry of Higher Education to find a solution to the demands of the protesters. The protests began on Wednesday when more than one thousand students gathered at the Ministry to protest the presidential decree on education, setting a new table of qualifications and the pay checks of teachers.

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