Friday, February 18, 2011

Feminist concentration against Berlusconi in Madrid

"Berlusconi resigned, for machismo and corruption." So chanted some thirty women who have hotbed against the Italian Embassy in Madrid to protest against 'Il Cavaliere'. Despite the limited success of the call - "not just because of this rain, is that we are called too late," explains Estíbaliz - one who has called the protest, Rodrigo, explains that this discourages them not to follow calling other acts like this.

Two words define the attitude of those who have come today: anger and fatigue. They can not want to tolerate that Italy continues governed by Silvio Berlusconi. "We protest because we have to report that a head of state child abuse and European Union want to echo this sentiment and take measures against it," says Tina Alarcon, a familiar face of the feminist movement in Madrid.

He chairs the Centre for Assistance to Women Raped and laments that, in general, few men attend such calls. In addition, several Italians have flocked to the gates of the embassy. One of them, Lucio, refuses to recognize that despite all, Berlusconi continues to enjoy broad support in Italy.

"It is true that you vote for him is that he has many supporters of other parties and therefore we always end up winning." The latest polls seem to agree. His friend, Mario, younger and also Italian, believes the reason for that Berlusconi will continue to govern Italy is "the high percentage of undecided voters at the last moment he votes" and that "He has always been an excellent communicator." However, despite this feeling of apparent defeat, most of those present agreed that after the scandal Ruby and the opening of trial 'Il Cavaliere' for child prostitution and abuse of power, "there will be a before and after ".

"It's a very strong accusation is a crime very striking. Catholics, who until now had supported him, and they will not," says Julia.

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