Friday, February 18, 2011

FRANCE - DSK, patented scrambler

A wink? A thumbs up? A foot that moves as a sign of impatience? From this Friday [18 February] and throughout the weekend, the smallest actions and gestures of Dominique Strauss-Kahn will be scrutinized. The IMF chief will attend the Paris meeting of G20 finance ministers. To say that he will steal the limelight from central bankers around the world.

Especially as DSK, great goldsmith of communication, a customized media plan: an encounter with the readers of Le Parisien and an interview with "twenty hours" France 2 Sunday night. Will benefit there to declare his candidacy for the Socialist primary, for the 2012 presidential election? Very unlikely.

The IMF Articles of Agreement prohibit outright to speak to the boss on the French political pain - you do not laugh at Washington, the headquarters of the institution! - Being forced to resign. However, nothing prevents him from handling the subliminal language. It will connect the cable box and watch the little formula on two-way commodity prices (important for the purchasing power of the French, this), or regulation and global growth (essential for employment in France , this) ...

Why the fuss about the former French finance minister? At five months of the date fixed for submission of nominations to the Socialist Party's primary, he should not have the fire to the lake. Except that the bubble in which levitated until the messiah of the left is pierced. "His silence is beginning to annoy," said political analyst Gerard Grunberg, director of research at CNRS.

"Public opinion is volatile," warns the other hand Frederic Dabi, director of the department's opinion Ifop. Volatile polls? And how! Among supporters left, DSK lost precious points (up to minus 14 in the latest Ipsos for Le Point). His procrastination are not that tired. They also leave his rivals time to install their application.

Segolene Royal and Francois Hollande carve their way, determined to go through with the primary. As for Martine Aubry, but an evil that can probe the intentions of the first secretary of the Socialist Party. Could she break free from the famous "pact of Marrakech", this non-aggression treaty it had signed with Dominique Strauss-Kahn in his Moroccan riad before taking the party congress in autumn 2008 in Reims? Mystery ...

If DSK could enjoy the weekend to slip a toe into the pool French politics, part of the press is already convinced that he has plunged headlong into the next campaign. "DSK, go!" , As well as the New Observateurcette week. The weekly said that the IMF chief had made his decision "because he believes he can beat Sarkozy, because he thinks that his project for France is adapted to current requirements, because it do not see the herd socialist one who meets, better than him, this dual requirement, "wrote the weekly.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn would have given its decision to Laurent Fabius. "False!" former Prime Minister reacts. But when you know the secret that the "war room" of the man Washington wants to talk about his candidacy, what value to this denial? Given the violent attacks in recent days [Christine Lagarde, Pierre Lellouche Wauqiez or Laurent, among others, are on the frontlines in criticizing his possible candidacy.

Christian Jacob, head of the UMP group in the National Assembly, said that DSK was not "the image of France in the land and territories"], the right seems satisfied to know his opponent. A man facing weakened portion which Nicolas Sarkozy. According to an Ipsos for Le Point, 63% of French do not want to see the current occupant of the Elysee Palace to seek a second term.

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