Friday, February 18, 2011

Controversy on the first ballot Tiririca clown in the Brazilian Congress

Rio de Janeiro. .- The official Brazilian Congressman Francisco Everardo Oliveira Silva, the clown Tiririca, whose election was challenged because he claimed to be illiterate, supported an opposition initiative in its first vote as a legislator and it seems that he did knowingly, though, as his party was wrong.

Tiririca was one of the 120 deputies who voted last night in favor of an opposition amendment proposing to raise the minimum wage to 600 reais (359 dollars) despite the Government's proposal expected to be of 545 reais (326 dollars). The proposed increase was approved by the Government in the House of Representatives by a majority, demonstrating the tremendous support that President Dilma Rousseff has in the legislature, but the clown vote today became controversial.

Although the ruling Party of the Republic (PR) was quick to ensure that Tiririca was wrong to vote and that is why he supported the amendment of the opposition, denied today that the congressman had had problems with digital voting system Congress. "Between us, I voted with the people." Where did I come? "Who put me here?" I'm not here by chance, "said the deputy in remarks published by the G1 website, by suggesting that, despite the position of his party voted for a greater increase in the minimum wage.

The choice of Tiririca was questioned by the press and an election attorney who sued against his election because they allegedly can not read or write. However, a court ruled that he is illiterate in terms of a simple test that was done late last year. "As was the largest parliamentary vote (from Brazil in 2010), it is natural that the party concerned" by the content of his vote, added Tiririca, accessed by the portal on the version of his political education.

Following those statements, Oliveira Silva, who became famous on television as a clown, he chose to remain silent and not fuel more controversy. Officials in his office at the Chamber of Deputies also opted for silence and Efe did not clarify whether the vote was finally Tiririca a mistake or a betrayal of the party.

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