Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The volcanic cloud forwards and Spain could get rid

The Icelandic volcanic ash cloud, which had to cancel about 500 flights Tuesday of the 29,000 expected in Europe, is spreading and could forward this entire weekend barely touching Spain. According to the latest forecast from the British Meteorological Office, specializing in ash, the area of highest concentration decreases and this Wednesday completely free to the UK and Ireland, the hardest hit on Tuesday.

The cloud, smaller, will stay in Denmark, northern Germany and parts of Sweden, Norway and Finland. In the UK, thousands of people suffered delays and cancellations on Tuesday, but only through the airports in Scotland and Northern Ireland and Newcastle and Durham, in northern England. Airlines such as British Airways, KLM and Easyjet announced in advance that would not fly in Scotland and others were canceling their flights during the day.

In Germany, authorities have announced the closure of airports in the north from 05.00 am this morning. The center forecast map of volcanic ash from the British Meteorological Office, shows an unexpected twist Nordic few days ago. Eurocontrol, the European agency for air navigation safety, said "maybe" now the cloud does not arrive in northern Spain and western France at the end of the week, although the winds blow south from Wednesday.

In any case, since the rules were relaxed in 2010 following the suspension of 100,000 flights a week by the almost total closure of Europe's airspace, governments and airlines have more flexibility to decide. The new standards also allow you to fly the ashes to the degree of contamination.

With a low concentration "it is safe to fly," said Brian Flynn, chief operating officer of Eurocontrol. "When there are high concentrations, depends on the airline and other factors," he explains. It also helps that the eruption of Iceland has provided in recent hours. And this time, most ash are spreading to the north of Iceland.

Still, the threat has altered volcanic and thousands of plans. Barca decided to fly to London on Tuesday instead of Wednesday for fear of missing the final of the Champions League on Saturday against Manchester. And Elton John had to cancel a concert in France.

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