Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strauss-Kahn's friends offered money to the alleged victim

New York .- Friends of former IMF Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn have contacted relatives of the woman who accused him of alleged sexual assault and attempted rape to offer money and so close the case, said Tuesday the New York newspaper Post. "I have spoken to her family," says the Post, which quoted "a French businesswoman close to Strauss-Kahn and his family", who also felt that "certain that everything ends in a peaceful manner." The same source said that DSK, as is also known French politician, "out of prison.

Will not be long and the woman will get much money," the newspaper said, pointing out that their source was revealed to handle "seven figures numbers. " Strauss-Kahn, 62, a socialist and married to journalist Anne Sinclair, was arrested May 14 after being accused by a maid cleaning a luxurious New York's sexual molestation and attempted rape.

On 19 May a grand jury indicted him on seven charges related to those charges and although the prosecution objected to being granted bail and house arrest, the judge ruled the next day under restrictive conditions. Strauss-Kahn, whose defense has hinted in the press leaks that could plead not guilty at a court hearing to be held on June 6, has had to pay a million dollars and deposit a bank guarantee for five.

Also, carry an electronic bracelet and be monitored throughout the day and guarded by an armed guard at his own cost, estimated at $ 200,000 per month. His alleged victim know few details, except that it is Guinean, Muslim and has 32 years. This woman, a widow and mother of a girl of 15 years, came to the United States for seven host a program for inmates and lives in the Bronx.

In his statement to the grand jury last week, denied categorically that there had been consensual sexual relationship with her attacker and is under the custody of the Office of New York. The Post said that the state of New York has been brought to the families of women who live in this city who can not have any contact, even calls from people associated with Strauss-Kahn or the environment.

In the last hours has also sparked a controversy over what has been published by various media about whether the services of forensic investigation found traces of DNA or not Strauss-Kahn on the clothing of the complainant, which could prove whether there was no sexual contact. New York's law enforcement authorities, as the prosecution, meanwhile declined to comment on the matter.

Other details have emerged about the case, according to the Fox television network, referred to at the time of the alleged sexual assault DSK asked the woman if she knew who he was. According to Fox, which also publishes information on its website, the alleged assailant repeatedly asked the waitress: "Do you know who I am? And she, according to a police report that says the media had access, he replied:" Please , please stop.

No ". This television channel said that while it happened, the French politician pushed the woman to the bed and she asked:" Please stop. I need my job, I can not lose. Do not. Lose my job. Please stop. "Strauss-Kahn, the sources referred to by that means, I would have said not to worry, that does not lose his job, while he dragged down the hallway and forced her to perform fellatio.

Other media such as the New York Daily News today relate to the reputation of womanizing by the French politician and in one case the person responsible for a radio show he was wearing a "burka" for a joke about his affairs, to which DSK reacted angrily. New York newspaper described the episode that is part of the story that the authors of the jokes made to the American journalist Elaine Sciolino for his book "The Seduction", on life and loving behavior, in general, of the French.

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