Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tahrir Square, Cairo will roar again on Friday to denounce corruption

Cairo .- The Youth Coalition of the Revolution, one of the main groups of the Egyptian revolt of Jan. 25, called on Tuesday a demonstration on Friday in Cairo's Tahrir Square to denounce political corruption. The coalition announced at a press conference under the name of "political corruption Friday" will organize a series of events and protests in the central Tahrir Square and other places in the country to insist on meeting the demands of the revolution.

Mohamed Abbas, one of the youth of this alliance, which includes members of various political leanings, told Efe that the main petition is "fast processing, transparent and public who have corrupted the political and killed demonstrators" during the protests, which ended on 11 February.

"So far the trials are advancing very slowly", denounced Abbas, referring to open legal proceedings against former President Hosni Mubarak, his two sons, Gamal and Alaa, several former government ministers and leaders of the National Democratic Party who are detained. The second request "important" this coalition is to reform the Egyptian media, as these young people complain that "there are attempts to kill the revolution and revolutionaries marginalize" in the Egyptian strings, according to Abbas.

The activist, a member of the Islamist opposition group the Muslim Brotherhood, said that young people in this organization participate in the protests on Friday in the Youth Coalition of the Revolution. However, the Muslim Brotherhood organization, which represents the country's largest opposition force, has not yet officially announced whether or not to participate in protests in Tahrir.

Take Saly, another coalition member, told Efe that his group has worked with all political forces and that so far and liberal opposition parties have said they will participate in events on Friday. As for internet calls by salafi groups and some Muslim Brotherhood to boycott the protests that in his opinion may cause divisions among the Egyptians, the Youth Coalition downplayed them.

"Every time we call messages are sent protests to ask people not to participate. There will be no fitna (sectarian conflict) or division between the Egyptians (if they participate in the events) because the requests are all the people and not a certain sector, "said Toma. These young people expect half a million people go to Street on Friday, other groups have dubbed the day of the "second revolution" because they believe that there has been sufficient change in the country since the outbreak of the first revolt, on 25 January.

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