Wednesday, May 25, 2011

At least 9 dead and 30 wounded in clashes between Yemeni tribes and police

Sanaa .- At least nine people were killed and over thirty injured in the second day of clashes between members of an influential tribe Yemeni security forces in Sanaa, according to a tribal source. The source said that the clashes continued around the house of tribal leader Sadeq bin Abdullah al-Ahmar, where you still hear gunfire and explosions, but more sporadically.

Among the injured is the head of the Yemeni secret service, the Qames Galeb, who arrived Tuesday at the home of Al Ahmar to try to mediate between the government and this family, which sympathizes with the opposition and calls for the resignation of President Ali Abdullah Saleh. When injured on impact Qames several shrapnel of a missile that fell on the house, situated in the Al Hasbara, where similar clashes took place yesterday that left six dead.

Earlier, the source had reported the deaths of five guards of Al Ahmar and the death of two bystanders in a shootout between security forces and gunmen belonging to the tribe. The battle is waged in a radius of 500 meters around the home of Al Ahmar and tribal militants are holed up in public and private buildings.

Witnesses said the clashes were moving to the Interior Ministry headquarters, near which large columns of smoke rise. The violent clashes began just after 11:00 local time (8.00 GMT), when hundreds of gunmen and leaders of the Hashed tribe, which belongs to Al Ahmar, held a meeting in the courtyard of the nearby headquarters of the Yemeni Airlines .

The fighting began yesterday came a day after the Yemeni president refused to sign for the third time a plan of the Persian Gulf countries to promote an orderly transfer of power, even though the agreement was signed by the opposition and the ruling party.

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