Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NATO launched its first major air raid on Qaddafi

At least 15 blasts NATO allies have shaken the Libyan capital on Tuesday in what has been the largest operation of air strikes since the start of military mission in Libya. According to the Gaddafi regime, the attacks have left at least three dead and 150 wounded, reported in its online edition the newspaper 'The Washington Post.

The bombings have apparently reached the residential complex of Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi, although a government spokesman said it would have been a military officer in the military. He added that most of the victims were civilians living in the vicinity of the building affected by the attack.

The planes and boats have been attacking military alliance cities and military installations from mid-March. NATO has been planning the last weeks level up in their offensive to protect the Libyan population, which asks Gaddafi leaves office. Libyan officials say that NATO is taking sides in a civil war and ensure that attacks on Gaddafi's residence are attempts to assassinate the Libyan leader.

For its part, France has announced it is looking to deploy helicopters to the area. With this operation, which would have the cooperation of the United Kingdom, would allow greater precision in the mission, but probably would expose troops to greater danger.

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