Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The crisis does not leave the world alone

A less gentle, more fertile for terrorism and the war between citizens and governments has been violent invoice. The world map of world peace this year has two scratches, one in North Africa, swept by a violent hurricane of the Arab spring, another in the middle of Europe, hurt by a crisis that has increased social unrest and high levels aggressive protest.

This is reflected in the Global Peace Index, which measures the temperature of the Planet since 2007 and this year has revealed that the world could have saved a lot of money if he had managed to be 25% less violent: 9.4 billion. With which for example could mitigate catastrophic damage 'tsunami' in Japan, evolve in a Millennium Development Goals Poverty advancing in fits and starts or eliminate the public debt of Greece, Portugal and Ireland.

Precisely in these 'rescue', among which include Spain and Italy, the levels of peace have fallen down the rate at which money in the pockets of citizens and unemployment rates rose. Spain drops three places to 28. Greece is at 65, the worst of the nations of western Europe, which continues to top the list of regions alone, but is beginning to show cracks.

The protests have not only taken a toll on European soil. It's actually North Africa that suffers most of the divorce between citizens and government has led the Arab spring. Libya falls 83 posts and rushes to 143, Bahrain 51 low, standing at 123 and dropped 24 places Egypt. It is the only negative item.

The famous war on terror is not paying off: 29 countries (mostly in Africa, the Middle East and Europe) have experienced an increased terrorist threat. But there is light, among so dark. First, global military expenditures have declined this year. Second, the worst student in class, Iraq, out of its pariah status and leaves the last position of the index.

And third, Iceland, which last year lost his position as leader of the standings, once again heads next to New Zealand, Japan, Denmark, Czech Republic, which has benefited from its membership in the European Union stands at number five world ranking.

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