Wednesday, May 25, 2011

RECIPE # 3 - you eliminate pollution

In the coming decades, advances in pollution control does not suffice perhaps to offset the air pollution and water related to the explosion of population and energy consumption. Pollution is particularly problematic in developing countries like China, which according to the World Bank, already has 20 of the 30 most polluted cities in the world.

For example, groundwater is already contaminated a third of Chinese cities. The buildings also contribute to the problem. According to the nonprofit organization Architecture 2030, the residential building sector is responsible for about one fifth of global greenhouse gas emissions. Also, the giant Dutch electronics company Philips has created the Sustainable Habitat 2020, a residential complex designed to maintain a healthy lifestyle, even in the most polluted urban environments.

This large apartment Itoura composed of hundreds of units of 40 square meters is for future Chinese megacities. Centerpiece of the project, the membrane that separates the multifunction interior and exterior of the building is studded with small funnel-shaped cells. Which are fitted with photovoltaic cells and sensors that detect moisture, wind direction, as well as brightness and angle of the sun.

When sensors detect a change in the weather, the craters are the most effective way to achieve this objective. For example, in clear weather, funnels follow the path of the sun like sunflowers, they transmit light to the interior and generate enough solar electricity to supply the entire building.

The stored electricity is used the day to illuminate rooms at night. If it rains, the funnels are transformed into small cups water recovery. When rain flows into the cones, water is pumped to a cellular structure at the rear of the front, where it is filtered, stored, and then integrated into a closed loop system in which everything, even the toilet water is recycled.

And if the wind funnels stretch to take the shape of trumpets - the natural wind tunnel that pass air through a filter and then led him inside. (If and wind and sun, the funnels have multiple functions.)

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