Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A tribal leader lost 24 supporters in an attack on his home run by the Police

At least 24 supporters of the influential Yemeni sheikh Abdullah bin Sadeq al Ahmar have died and more than thirty people were injured in clashes between tribesmen and security forces in Sanaa. In another battle, 14 soldiers have died and two have disappeared. Clashes continue around the house of tribal leader in a radius of 500 feet, and heard gunfire and loud explosions after that on Monday, in a similar incident, six people passed away.

This is the second consecutive day of clashes between followers of the tribal chief and the forces of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh. Witnesses have said that the clashes are moving to the Interior Ministry headquarters, near which large columns of smoke rise. The violent clashes have begun after 11 am, when hundreds of armed men and tribal leaders Hasher, which belongs to Al Ahmar, held a meeting in the courtyard of the nearby headquarters of the Yemeni Airlines.

The outbreak of fighting coincided with the presence in the home of Al Ahmar head of the Yemeni secret services, the Qames Galeb, who was wounded by shrapnel impact will vary by a bullet while trying to mediate between the government and the influential family sympathetic to the opposition, which calls for the resignation of Saleh.

In the attack, died 24 supporters of al-Ahmar, including three tribal dignitaries and dozens of people were injured, according to a medical source at the Hospital of Science and Technology of Sanaa. Abdullah bin Hussein al-Ahmar, a brother of Sadeq, announced Feb. 26 his resignation from the ruling and appealed to other leaders of the tribe to join a popular revolt that nearly four months, trying to overthrow the ruler.

The clashes occurred a day after the Yemeni president refused to sign for the third time a plan of the Persian Gulf countries to promote an orderly transfer of power, even though the document was signed by the opposition and the ruling party.

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