Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GERMANY - The job is not junk

The time bomb is defused temporary work. The government of Angela Merkel has missed the opportunity to neutralize: the CDU, CSU and FDP have caved in to the lobby and temporary work patterns. The two-class system is perpetuated on the labor market and will have serious consequences for our entire society.

Agency work and precarious employment continue to destroy the German labor market. The work itself becomes junk. The monthly income of temporary metallurgical and electrical engineering is from 30 to 40% lower than that of permanent employees. The lowest wages set by collective agreements in the sector are higher than 1,900 euros per month.

For the same job, agency workers will receive between 1063 (east) and 1,200 euros (west). Metallurgy alone has over 200 000 temporary, Germany more than 1 million in all, that is to say too much. This creates a labor market parallel even in companies with collective agreements. A worker earns 15 CDI euros an hour to climb the left door of a car and the temporary one on the right that climbs 8.50 euros.

Amazing. Such a low wage policy will backfire in the long term for Germany. Continue on this path is ruin and destroy the most precious resource that has Germany: quality work performed by employees highly motivated. You need a "contract of fair play" - as one between state, unions and employers to overcome the crisis - to calmly consider the future in a globalized world.

Policies need to legislate to establish a social order favorable to the labor market. In terms of temporary employment, this means: for equal work, equal pay and prohibition of hiring and firing at will.

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