Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Strauss-Kahn, the waitress: Do not you know who I am?

More and more details emerge about what happened in the hotel suite where he stayed Dominique Strauss-Kahn in New York. According to the statement by the waitress who accused him of sexual assault and attempted rape, attempted to dissuade him telling him to be fired. "Baby, do not worry. Do not you know who I am?".

According to what was known so far, the woman came to clean the room thinking it was empty when the politician emerged from the bathroom stark naked. According to FoxNews. com, the woman who is deeply religious, told investigators he immediately covered his eyes from seeing the host in the buff.

Then, again according to the statement of the woman told the station for sources of research-Strauss-Kahn ran to her and began to touch her breasts and put her in the suite, leading to the bedroom. The waitress said he invented a series of ruses to get out of the room and escape from Strauss-Kahn.

"My boss is in the lobby," have said. But this lie does not shrink from the old pattern of the IMF, which would have continued with his sexual advances. "Please stop. I need my job, I can not lose my job, do not do this.'ll Lose my job. Please, please stop!" Please stop! "He said, fearful of the consequences of a conflict with customers of a suite, according to research cited by Fox News.

"No, baby. Do not worry, you will not lose your job. Please, baby, do not worry ", he would have responded DSK, again according to the statement of the woman." Do you know who I am? Do not you know who I am? ". An aide to the woman testified last week that the waitress did not know that the man who complained was the director of the IMF.

Just realized the significance of his alleged assailant's face when Strauss- Kahn was in the news, after his arrest. The sources cited by the American channel confirmed that the woman did not know who was the guest suite. According to the woman, tried pushing him away, but when she ran for the door tripped and fell on his knees the ground.

According to the statement quoted by sources of research, it was then that Strauss-Kahn would be forced to perform fellatio. The woman explained that managed to escape after pushing the old pattern of the IMF into the corner of a cabinet. According to these same sources, the man has a cut on the back that could correspond to that push.

practiced forensic tests also indicate that women's shirt is DNA samples from Strauss-Kahn, apparently of semen, according to police sources quoted by ABC and NBC. The researchers also took portions of the carpet in the suite, where she would have spat after oral sex. However, these samples do not contradict the possible line of defense lawyers that DSK had sex, but consented.

As published on Tuesday The New York Post, friends of the former director of the IMF have tried to pay the family Guinean women in order to settle the case. "You will leave this and may take a flight back to France," said French entrepreneur family friend Strauss-Kahn tabloid. "I do not spend much time in prison and the woman will get a lot of money."

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