Wednesday, May 25, 2011

They claim that the Syrian regime has killed at least 1,100 people in three months

The organization that defends human rights Sawasiah reported Tuesday that soldiers and Syrian security forces have killed "at least 1,100 civilians" during the crackdown on demonstrations against the regime of Bashar Assad. The popular uprising started three months in the Arab country. Sawasiah was founded by lawyer Mohanad al-Hassani, who is now in jail.

Earlier this month, had said the death toll at 800, removed dead by the army of the regime. The organization claims to have the names of the 1,100 people killed, mostly in the southern plain of Hauran, where riots broke out March 18. The death toll rose suddenly after the protests grew in number and provoke the intervention of the Army, said Sawasiah.

The Syrian authorities have attributed most of the deaths to "sabotage armed groups" backed by Islamists and foreign powers that, by this account, have killed over 120 soldiers. However, the protesters said some soldiers were shot by security officials for refusing to fire on civilians.

Have increasing international criticism against the violent repression of Asad, who is trying to maintain control of four decades of his family in the Arab country of 20 million inhabitants. Last week, both U.S. and EU announced new sanctions against the Syrian president. "This is the only way to begin a peaceful transition to democracy and ensure stability for long-term Syria.

[...] Damascus must meet the legitimate demands of the people," a text agreed by the Governments of the Twenty .

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