Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Netanyahu: "Israel has no better friend than the United States"

"Israel has no better friend than America." Thus has begun Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, the second intervention offered in the U.S. Congress, the last time was in 1996 - a time when the peace process with the Palestinians is on the table. Netanyahu's speech comes a week after U.S. President Barack Obama proposed a return to the prewar borders of 1967-that would give East Jerusalem to the Palestinians, among other things, such as initiatives to achieve peace in the area.

"Indefensible" and has defined Netanyahu return to those borders, but has said to be willing to "painful concessions" for peace. Netanyahu only considers Jerusalem as a "united, sovereign capital of Israel." In his speech, Israeli Prime Minister has been repeatedly and widely applauded by U.S.

Congress. "I am deeply moved by this warm welcome," he said. Staging the harmony between the two governments, 'Bibi', which is as it is popularly known in Israel, has enabled handheld and embedded jokes with Vice President Joe Biden. "Supporting Israel's security is one of the best investments America can do," he assured.

"Israel means everything is right in the Middle East," said in his speech that was interrupted by a group of Jewish-American activists, who have uttered cries. "I do not have to send troops to our country, we defend ourselves. You have been very generous in giving us tools to defend ourselves.

I know that is a bad time economically so we deeply thank the President of the United States," said Netanyahu. "We are ready to painful concessions" for peace, has also been asserted. Judging by his words, the Obama plan to return to the 1967 borders will not fit the Israeli agenda. Netanyahu has described as "indefensible" the borders prior to the Six Day War.

"Palestine is very different now than it was years ago. Now there are supermarkets, cinemas, banks ... And all that without peace," said Bibi. "If the benefits of peace are so great, why peace eludes us?" He asked rhetorically, then answered: "Because the Palestinians have refused to accept a Jewish state, has always been the Jewish state's existence, That is what this conflict is, "he said to applause.

"If Abbas said that he accepted a Jewish state there will be peace," he said. "These words, Palestinian acceptance of the Jewish state" will change history, "he asserted. "It is vital that the Palestinian state is demilitarice" he said. It has asked the continued presence of Israeli troops in the Jordan Valley, in what would be the border of the West Bank (Palestinian state with Jordan).

Abbas Palestinian government refuses to stay "one only" Israeli soldier in Palestinian soil once established their state. Israeli Prime minsitro explained he would not negotiate with Hamas, which has qualified, as it has in the past, "Al Qaeda in the Middle East."

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