Friday, April 29, 2011

Dennis Tito: the first space tourist

Space billionaire lover. With these data had many ballots Dennis Tito to become the first space tourist. He fulfilled his dream on April 28, 2001 after paying (or not) astronomical amount of money for a ticket to board the Soyuz for one week. It was not easy to get to that moment. The two major powers in space, the United States and Russia, lived a particular Cold War Space: NASA apparently opposed to the trip for safety reasons but the Russian space tourists saw a way to cover the decimated economy in the sector space.

So, after a long struggle that infuriated the Russians and after thorough preparations for the Soyuz-TM-32 took off in April 2001 in Kazakhstan bound for the International Space Station. On board, Tito with cosmonauts Yuri Baturin and Talgat Musabayew going to be the protagonists of a historical moment.

Californian billionaire had, with 60 and behind an obstacle, realize one of his greatest fantasies: to be the first tourist was going to spend a few days in orbit. Like a fish in Agualada three of us went from the Soyuz to the International Space Station and from there came the first pictures of the adventure.

They could see a plethora Dennis Tito that although he had suffered the classic pains of zero gravity, summed up his stay with an "I love space." A week later, billionaire concluded his luxury holiday in view of the Earth. And the return also became a new adventure and the landing was going to be extremely secure.

Even before knowing whether the issue would have a happy ending, 100 millionaires and queuing to emulate Tito and travel (extra charge) into space. The list of tycoons eager to travel into space probably grew to see the face of happiness with the California billionaire who got off the ship.

Tito, who had to be transported by wheelchair to get to get used to Earth's gravity, said he had never felt "as well as in space" and had just returned from the "paradise." And although he acknowledged that he had no intention to travel outside the Earth itself was interested in promoting space tourism.

MillonariosEstos list were other privileged (and wealthy) that have managed to travel into space: · Mark Shuttleworth, a South African millionaire becomes April 2002 in the second space tourist. · Gregory Olsen, a week in space in October 2005. · Anousheh Ansari, the first female space tourist (August 2006).

· Charles Simonyi, the fifth space tourist (April 2007)

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