Friday, April 29, 2011

The bloody carpet William and Kate

"The red carpet wedding at risk of becoming bloody." This was sentenced Labour MP Denis MacShane to the Special Envoy THE WORLD, Ana Romero. "It seems bizarre that a representative of Syria, a state that is killing its citizens with tanks, can sit in Westminster Abbey," concluded the former minister for Europe.

MacSchane The statement formalises the discomfort begins to emerge within and outside the United Kingdom and the existence of so-called 'guest tyrants' in tomorrow's wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. From 10:00 to 0:00, at Westminster Abbey, will parade down the red carpet a total of 1,900 guests.

But the eyes of the 2,000 million people on television that the link will not will rest only on the lavish costumes and dresses, but also on who takes them. Next to the 'guest tyrant' of Syria, is the ambassador of Zimbabwe, representing the dictator Mugabe, the Saudi prince whose country invaded Bahrain to quell the revolt of the Arab Spring, King Miswati III of Swaziland ...

Quite a list of representatives much less desirable than even the 'ex' of the couple who will also present ... Moreover, while all these controversial guests enjoy direct historical link, two prime ministers who have served the UK for 13 years will live as a mortal more from your home television.

Labour's Tony Blair and Gordon Brown do not have a reserved seat at the Abbey, which has sparked outrage in the Labour Party, who will ask a question in Parliament about himself through the mouth of MacShane. To make matters worse, the British newspaper The Guardian published today that the Scottish University of St.

Andrews, where Prince William studied and his fiancée, Syria received more than 100,000 pounds (115,000 euros) for Syrian Studies Center. The donation was made through the good offices of the Syrian ambassador to Britain, Sami Khiyami, invited, of course, to the wedding.

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