Friday, April 29, 2011

200 members of the party resigned Assad in Syria for the harsh repression in Deraa

Amman (Editorial / Agencies) .- Two hundred members of the ruling Syrian Baath Deraa province and surrounding regions resigned Wednesday in protest against an attack by security forces in the city in the south. "In view of the negative position adopted by the leadership of the Arab Socialist Baath Party before the events in Syria and Deraa, and after the death of hundreds and thousands of injuries at the hands of various security forces, we present our collective resignation," said in a signed statement, reports EFE.

In another separate statement sent to Reuters, it was reported that another 28 supporters in the coastal city of Banias also resigned on Wednesday in protest against the "practices of the security forces against honorable citizens and the torture and murders committed." In the latest attack launched against the city on Monday killed at least 35 people, amid the violence unleashed by pro-democracy protests that have rocked the region.

No UN resolution the same time, the Security Council UN still to agree a statement condemning the Syrian regime's repression against peaceful demonstrators. The position of China and Russia, which opposed the proposal of four EU countries (Germany, France, UK and Portugal). "The situation in Syria is not a threat to international peace and security," said deputy Russian representative Alexander Pankin, explaining the U.S.

position, while warning of "civil war risk" if there is interference abroad. The Russian diplomat said the "real risk to the stability of the region come to foreign interference in the country that could support one party, leading to a relentless wave of violence, which would be an invitation to civil war ".

This lack of agreement to translate a written condemnation of the crackdown by the Syrian government came even after the UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon said Tuesday the Council on recent developments in Syria, condemned violence against protesters and requested an investigation. The Council heard the story Wednesday on the situation in Syria by UN Undersecretary for Political Affairs Lynn Pascoe, who deplored the violence and reported on allegations of attacks on demonstrators in Syria.

After hearing that report, the various delegations on the Security Council expressed its position on the events in Syria and the European representatives and United States expressed its strong condemnation of Syria.

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