Friday, April 29, 2011

The Security Council met again by turmoil in Syria

New York. .- The Council of the UN Security met today to learn about the situation in Syria and the significance of the protests against the regime of Bashar al-Assad for the Middle East. The body met behind closed doors with Deputy Secretary-General Lynn Pascoe. For now, it is unclear whether the Council will issue a joint statement after the meeting.

For the moment runs a statement promoted by Germany and three other European countries-France, Britain and Portugal, in the Council in condemning the Syrian government for its violent action against the protesters in the country and calls for immediate end of all attacks on civilians. For its part, Russia and China have veto power, and Lebanon, disagrees.

In both groups, human rights advocates protested today against Syria's intention to compete for a seat on the Human Rights Council of the UN. Syria submitted its candidature for the elections on 20 May at the UN General Assembly in New York to fill 15 seats in the 47-member Council in Geneva.

An international coalition of NGOs based in Geneva requested the Human Rights Council to remove Syria from the list of candidates. The annual vote in the General Assembly, 192 countries, seeks to replace the seats that expire in May. The Human Rights Council will have a special session Friday to discuss the events in Syria, which is expected to decide whether to investigate civilian deaths in anti-government protests in the country.

Human rights groups said it would be a good opportunity to discuss Syria's candidacy before the vote in New York.

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