Friday, April 29, 2011

Rebel leader dies in Ivory Coast who helped defeat Ouattara Gbagbo

Abidjan .- The leader of a militia in Ivory Coast who helped the president Alassane Ouattara to beat his rivalLaurent Gbagbo has died in a battle that took place on Wednesday after his men would not accept the president's order to disarm. Ouattara came to power after a disputed election, and after his opponent Laurent Gbagbo, who refused to leave the government, was arrested in mid-April.

"I can confirm that Ibrahim Coulibaly had been killed during a battle that took place on Wednesday," said a Defense Ministry spokesman, Captain Alla Kouakou. Known as "IB", Coulibaly was a senior commander of the rebels in the rebellion that erupted in 2002 in the country. And he led the rebel until his leadership was discussed by the current Prime Minister Ouattara, Guillaume Soro.

The sergeant, who dreamed of being president, "the general IB called himself in recent times, has been behind the great changes that have hit the country since 1999 but has never played a long tour in key positions . The Government has announced her death after an attack on his fortress in the north of Abidjan.

The rebels led by Coulibaly, known as 'command invisible', fought to overthrow Gbagbo, but they were accused of not meeting the date for the abandonment of weapons and join the new army. Born February 24, 1964 in Bouaké (located in the center of the country), the second city of Ivory Coast, Ibrahim Coulibaly, joined the Army in 1985.

Discovered the world of politics to become the bodyguard of several personalities, including former Prime Minister Alassane Ouattara. After heavy fighting in Ivory Coast suffered in recent months, the president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, ordered on 22 April at the soldiers from all areas of the African country to return to their barracks, in an effort to restore stability in the country.

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