Friday, April 29, 2011

New demonstrations in Syria

Social networks return to action against the regimes in the Middle East. On this occasion, the "young of the Syrian revolution" have called on Thursday, through Facebook, to get back out on the streets to demonstrate against Bashar Assad, in solidarity with the city of Dera, where protests began mid-March.

"Friday the cholera, April 29 in solidarity with Deraa" can be read on his Facebook page. "To all the youth of the revolution, tomorrow we will be in all places, in all the streets near (...), we all claim their besieged cities and we will join our brothers in Deraa. This is the message that the militants have left written on Thursday.

"We will not leave alone Deraa" he said. Furthermore, recall the names of cities such as Homs and Banias, who have lived events. The Syrian army, aided by tanks and armored vehicles, entered Deraa on Monday to end the demonstrations. More than 30 people were killed. International pressure is accentuated on the Syrian regime.

Although the 15-member Security Council UN fails to agree on Wednesday on a statement condemning the crackdown. The power in the hands of the Baath party since 1963 only, has seen over 200 of its members submitted their resignation to the harsh repression of Deraa. After the start of the demonstrations at least 453 people have died, according to the Syrian Observatory of Human Rights.

The Qatari television channel Al Jazeera International has suspended part of its operations in Syria, as a result of restrictions and attacks on its staff. A network spokeswoman said that the suspension affects only the Arabic version. The Syrian authorities warned the channel's correspondents do not enter the city of Dera.

Al Jazeera, the leading television network in the Arab world, played a key role in the revolutions of these months. The Committee to Protect Journalists said that the Syrian authorities told the delegation of the channel in the country "not to communicate with the headquarters in Doha and live not appear to give news, not even the phone." They also reported that in the past three days, the station's office in Damascus has been assaulted by unknown assailants with stones and eggs.

Since then, plainclothes names have continued to harass and intimidate employees of Al Jazeera.

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