Friday, April 29, 2011

City of God, the reality has changed

"I just want to be happy. Walk quietly in the favela where I was born. And to be proud and be aware that the poor have their place." The verses sung by rappers and Doca Cidinho Brazilians in the 90's, have become reality. The City of God, the neighborhood since the 60's were the hideouts of bandits who made the drug trade in the region, today is a slum that has received a lot of police officers to provide security to all, by the state government.

The system, called the Pacification Unit of the Police is coordinating role cultural issues, social, environmental and development in communities where violence and anarchy reigned. The program was implemented in the community in 2009 and has the approval of residents who say they are very satisfied with the work done by local police.

The program has removed the power of traffic, reduced gun violence in the city, and has facilitated the establishment of nurseries, medical services, banking, cultural and infrastructure projects for small businesses that residents want to establish in the area. Known worldwide for the film "City of God", which in 2002 showed the world the high level of danger in the area, Rio community now offers the world another side.

Tranquility, progress, peace, citizenship was given to these people by the government of Rio de Janeiro, which is making the peace process in other favelas of Rio de Janeiro, with the aim of organizing the city to receive the World Football Olympic Games 2014 and 2016. The ambitious plan of the Brazilian authorities to take control of the slums of the hands of traffickers, who for years dominated with big guns terror in cities like Rio de Janeiro, has been satisfactory.

Only in the City of God, the police made over 200 arrests since regained control of the area, drastically reducing crime. Factor that causes the government to establish a bond of trust with local residents and people living around the area. A symbolic visit esperanzadoraRecientemente visited by the American president, Barack Obama, residents who had changed his routine were proud because for the first time the community was in the newspapers for a reason that was not the violence and crime.

The visit in March, and lasted only 30 minutes, brought the hope of better years for residents in the area. Now, the expectations of the population of the implementation of further improvements by the government, so that the work begun in the community to stay.

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