Friday, May 20, 2011

Violence in Afghanistan leaves 58 dead and primed with civilians

Kabul. .- Several armed incidents took the lives today of at least 58 people in eastern Afghanistan, 35 of them civilians, in an escalation of violence led by the offensive that the Taliban are doing around the country. In the most serious confrontation, a Taliban attack resulted in the deaths of 35 Afghan civilians and wounded more than 20 working in the construction of a road in Paktia province, bordering Pakistan.

In the same incident, which happened at dawn in the district of Wazi Zadran, eight insurgents were killed when confronted by security guards from the Afghan construction company Glaxy Sky, told Efe spokesman of Paktia province, Rohullá Samún. The Taliban attack sparked a two-hour gun battle killed more than a third of the 80 workers, the agency said Afghanistan AIP, were present, including operators, engineers and security guards.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted on its website and increased the number of workers killed at 40, while a spokesman for the insurgents, Zabiullah Mujahid, told AIP that his group seized numerous vehicles and weapons ownership construction company. The assault took place on a road under construction 30 kilometers connecting the Mosa Khel district of the highway between the cities of Gardez and Khost in a turbulent region and borders the Pakistani tribal areas.

The Taliban have a strategic objective to control the road network linking the major cities on the one hand to obtain income through extortion of construction companies and, secondly, to hinder the transport of troops and government goods and international troops from NATO. In another clash in the nearby province of Ghazni, also east of the country, at least fifteen suspected Taliban were killed in an operation by Afghan and international troops, said a police source.

Operations had not been completed by mid-afternoon in the district of Nawa, told Efe the deputy regional police, Mohammad Hussain, who said that the troops are still in the process of searching for insurgents in the area. The arrival of good weather to Afghanistan usually involve a rise in both combat operations as the combined forces of the Taliban, which launched in early May its traditional "spring offensive", the "Badar" by insurgents.

Moreover, continued today in the town of Taliqan, in the northern province of Takhar, protests over the death of four civilians suspected in a NATO operation, a riot that left twelve people dead yesterday and more than 80 gunshot wounds Afghan police. The protesters, fewer than yesterday, attacked for the second day Taliqan headquarters and three police were injured by police, according to Efe provincial government spokesman, Faiz Mohammad Sad.

The demonstrations began yesterday to spread the word to the people of Taliqan of international troops killed four civilians, causing serious riots and attacks on official buildings and the base of international troops. A statement from the Force Security Assistance in Afghanistan (ISAF) under NATO said those killed in the operation were "insurgents" killed in an operation against an arms dealer of the insurgent group Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU .) Takhar province has so far been one of the quieter areas of Afghanistan, although it is not far from the province of Kunduz, much more controversial, and in the area of greatest penetration of IMU, which aims to implement "Islamic law in Uzbekistan and other Central Asia.

The current escalation of violence comes just two months before the start in July, as scheduled, the gradual withdrawal of U.S. troops and the transfer of responsibility for security to Afghan forces, a process that causes uncertainty on the future of the country.

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