Friday, May 20, 2011

The # Spanishrevolution spread to Italy

Rome. .- The call for real democracy has already crossed borders and Twitter have already established the # Italianrevolution, simulating the # Spanishrevolution with calls to concentrate in cities on Thursday and Friday at 20:00 in major Italian cities. The demonstrations, in which notices are required to be "peaceful" were organized for this Thursday in Florence, Bologna and Padua, while in cities like Rome, Milan, Turin, Pisa, Palermo, Taranto and Bari will be held this Friday the same time.

In this sense, the Real Democracy Movement has already appealed to young people from Facebook "Italian or Spanish" to support "the latest protest movements" and they have called for a sit peacefully and without any political or trade-mark "in Spain's Square in Rome on Friday at 20:00. The manifesto of nolesvotes Twitter has been published in Italian, that "Italy will join Spain in the March 15 movement" and called on Greece to be a protest also.

It has also created the group in FacebookItalian Revolution - Democrazia Reale Ora, which has nearly 2,500 people who have made "I like it." Its promoters, who created the group yesterday, say they have made following protests in Spain and say "do not represent any party or association" but "we are united in desire for change." In this sense, they explain that they are looking for "a new society that prioritizes life over economic and political interests" and a change in social conscience.

" Also say they want "to show that society is not asleep." "We want everything we want it now, if you also want to join us," he encouraged.

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