Friday, May 20, 2011

LIBYA - Tripoli center transformed into a nightclub

In Tripoli, where residents have become accustomed to the roar of NATO planes flying overhead, firing missiles and dropping bombs on military targets around the barracks of Bab Al-Aziziyah, place of residence of Muammar Gaddafi, turn each night into a kind of large nightclub open. Hundreds of young people of both sexes, flock, including the Green Square to dance and party.

From a podium set up near the ruins of the ancient house of Qaddafi [destroyed by U.S. bombing in April 1986] a thunderous sound, creating a festive, inviting them to wiggle to the beat of songs composed in praise of "Brother Guide", celebrating his achievements and his fighting against opponents described as a "bunch of drug addicts." It sings "God, Muammar, the homeland and that's all." Occasionally, the voice of Qaddafi emerges to impose its famous provocations, such as "Battle them." As for the television official, it diffuses into the loop of images of women and children waved his green flag and the portrait of the plan, claiming the slogans in praise of the guide found shelter in his house fortified within the barracks of Al-Aziziyah.

The children chanted: "The people want Muammar!" They cheered the "revolution" (the military coup of Qaddafi in 1969), denounced the foreign agents and vilify the reactionary forces. Television also distributes an exclusive unpublished images showing elderly women carrying guns and rifles.

So every evening until dawn, the square fills with Green supporters Gaddafi charged with green flags and banners expressing their support hysterical colonel, who has repeatedly stressed that it is made of some other stuff as Zine El-Abidine Ben Ali and Hosni Mubarak and the situation in Libya is totally different from that prevailing in the two neighboring countries such as Tunisia and Egypt.

They say they are ordinary citizens, motivated by the refusal to see the Western alliance seeking to overthrow the regime. According to opponents of the regime, these crowds are composed mainly of Minors and lack of maturity or motivated by the financial windfall of the plan. It is rumored that they are also released prisoners an opportunity for rehabilitation centers.

"These are not real Libyans. Looking closely at their features, you understand they are not native to this country. Gaddafi had them come from nowhere. For years it welcomes children nobody knows the ancestry and ensure their education under the guise of charity. In reality, it is to be human shields, "said one Tripoli, and added:" If you listen carefully, you hear them speak with a foreign accent.

Sure: the system relies more on loyalty than on the Libyans. "Another said:" We know that Gaddafi use of off-the-law. He was released and then gave them weapons. "Appearing under a false name, fearing reprisals, he added:" There are prisoners sentenced by courts, but acquired Gaddafi since he has out of prison.

They get their daily dose of drug and were paid every day to ensure their loyalty. "Meanwhile, a government official makes fun of these" claims ":" These people are sick opposition mentally. They fail to understand that the vast majority of people supported the Libyan regime. "

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