Friday, May 20, 2011

The (second) death of Strauss-Kahn policy

Communist youth, Dominique Strauss-Kahn softened his speech after going through the economic power in order to enter the French socialist political landscape. A meteoric media rise, colorful covers, positive future, catapulted him to the ministry of economy and finance in the plural left government of Jospin.

This "cluster" that he promised the social rise of a France tired of conservatism, crashed in 2002, but DSK (initials with which the French media today labeled the covers dyed black background) was no longer there. Political setback that left plural Jospin had set years earlier amid corruption scandals and legal charges of influence peddling.

It was precisely this, which led to the resignation of the government of DSK, as the French media as the death sentenced promising political economist. In 1999, he jumped into the fray Elf Aquitane public scandal. Beside him stands DSK. Elf Aquitane, French oil company, has drawn to the four winds be the future of France during the "war for oil." A pioneer in the revolution called synthetic oil, had an unprecedented growth in the sector since 1991, driven first by its entry into the New York Stock Exchange, and later by his immersion in the "circus" of Formula 1 of the Renault hand.

All this had come to nothing without, of course, the generous company policy that got into their golden years. Jewelry, art and prostitutes 1994 The Guardian opened its year with a revealing "the biggest fraud inquiry in Europe since the Second World War." And, Elf, had become during its rise in an economic refuge for politicians.

A kind of pension fund receiving jewelry, artwork, real estate, and quotes with lovers of sexual morality outside of the ordinary. Among the accused, a DSK pushed to resign from his position of privilege in the government. The case dragged on to the hermetic silence of Nadhmi Auchi, lead manager of the company and one of the richest men in the world at that time.

French courts sentenced him to 15 months in prison and fined nearly a million and a half euros for its active involvement in kickbacks. Committees whose recipients, never identified and allowed to DSK, leaving the court with a verdict of not guilty. That was the first political death of Dominique, who was in charge years later, with widespread cooling oil to the scheme and with the blessing of the French media, to remind the people of Europe that during his years as Minister of Economy and Finance Gallo decreased to 5.5% VAT for renovation work in construction, greatly lowered the budget deficit, and repealed the Act of Hedge Funds.

DSK also pushed the major privatizations in France (including that of France Telecom). By then I had forgotten that communist youth who shared dreams and ideals and focused on restoring its public image through political and social relations at the supranational level. That led him to the IMF management.

ConsumadaDSK resurrection was not only politically dead, but was more alive than ever. Aroused envy and jealousy at the wheel of his Porsche as he prepared for his new assault on French politics. At 62 years, DSK, felt that this was his moment and so, I told his party (PS) and the media landscape.

Turned the color of the covers, mostly leftist. Presented to the primary. Wanted to rule France, Sarkozy to be the successor. And the French left, applauding his return. Some aspirations now dashed by their detention in American territory, charged with sexual assault. His images, upside down and handcuffed, with his initials, accompanied, again, a dyed-black background.

But not a standard black, but a thick black. DSK, announced today the media is dead politically ... a second time. PerjudicadosAhora benefit and the French left-wing voters, disappointed and without a leader to follow, pending the motions of a PS that has already released the message of caution to charges that fall on the waiting was the leader who will take out of darkness policies.

A media call for caution while preparing a message: "One thing is quite another DSK and the PS." What seems clear is that the French left will continue its path of hand as François Hollande, Martine Aubry, now a candidate for replacement, had a pact with DSK: If you had the leader of the IMF, she departed from the struggle for leadership of the French Socialists.

Hollande is thus the first beneficiary of this situation. The second, but not least, Sarkozy, who observes from the Elysee, as the PS does not lift his head. The umpire is Marine Le Pen. The FN, is preparing for cashing political wear "traditional" in France. And he has not wasted time.

In his first minutes on the radio after the scandal, the new Le Pen has been adamant: "I expected it. All Paris knew that the man had a problem in their relationship with women. Some call it addiction, other pathology. Has been completely discredited. "

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