Friday, May 20, 2011

RUGBY - The Football Association put on his team

England is seen (at least) in the semifinals of the Rugby World Cup 2011. In any case, it is a place in the semis has bet the English Federation of Rugby (RFU), reports the Guardian. And in case of victory, the 250 initially wagered 000 pounds would yield 2.25 million. A nice windfall that the RFU has redistributed to players and members of management technique.

Thirty national team players who have made the trip to New Zealand next autumn could then reach 50,000 pounds each. Even without ultimate success, just as the team reached the semifinals for the RFU to recoup those costs. In the last two World Cups, England had reached the final. This practice of paris, common in other sports (golf, tennis), was described as "fiscally prudent" with the RFU.

And it legal because the national federations have every opportunity to try their luck. The International Rugby Board banned by cons to players, referees, trainers and breeders to bet directly or indirectly on the competitions. The British initiative has given ideas to the Irish, The Irish Times describes as the Federation of Irish Rugby (IRFU) has also focused on his team to cover any bonus.

Less players, the Australians refused to gamble to finance $ 3 million premium paid in case of victory, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

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