Friday, May 20, 2011

DSK, the stewardess: Nice ass!

"Quel beau c. .. l! (Nice ass!). The last moments of freedom of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, IMF's then-employer testified to his reputation as a womanizer. According to Le Point, DSK was already installed on your Business Class seat on Saturday when he let the compliment (or, rather, rudeness) led to one of the hostesses of Air France flight that was about to take off from JFK in New York to Paris.

The flight crew heard the comment. Then come the arrest, charges of sexual assault, unlawful restraint and attempted rape and fall of one of the favorites to be the next president of France. The former director of the IMF with the rank of head of state was arrested a few minutes before takeoff.

However, according to 'Le Point' the crew realized what was happening. Apparently, DSK had warned them he was waiting to bring him his mobile phone he had forgotten in the room where the serious incidents occurred of which accused the waitress of the Hotel Sofitel. The pilot of the plane itself had warned Strauss-Kahn would not delay the launch if the phone did not arrive within minutes.

It so happens that was the very DSK who gave the clue to his arrest, calling the hotel to ask if he had left his phone in room 2806 and ask someone brings it closer to JFK airport. In fact, to defend this is a test of his innocence. So to no surprise that two men in civilian clothes and with identifying the New York Port Authority be presented at the aircraft door asking to speak to DSK.

Account gala publication Strauss-Kahn himself followed them without fear or hesitation. Seemed to want to say something confidential ... or, perhaps, return your mobile. However, it does something strange happened in the minutes before the arrest: cell phones stopped working. According to 'Le Point', this may indicate that communications with the flight had been blocked because the police did not want to risk DSK you warn someone that was about to be arrested.

As prosecutors said Monday they want to avoid another 'Polanski case. "

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