Friday, May 20, 2011

Three dead and over hundred injured by an earthquake measuring 5.9 degrees in Turkey

Three people have died and over a hundred have been injured by an earthquake of magnitude 5.9 recorded last night in the western part of Turkey, local authorities reported. The epicenter was located in the city of Simav, in the western province of Kutahya, and the tremor could be felt in the provinces of Bursa, Istanbul, Yalova and Izmir.

According center Kandilli seismic research, the quake occurred at 23.16 local time (20.16 GMT) and was followed by at least fifty replicas until this morning. The largest of these aftershocks had a magnitude of 4.6 degrees on the Richter scale. Turkish Minister of Environment, Veysel Eroglu said the station told NTV that a 18 year old died when a wall drop you over, whereas a person of 61 years died of a heart attack in the region of Kutahya.

"In Kutahya 79 people were wounded according to initial reports. The situation of one of them is critical," Eroglu said. Likewise, a woman died in Bursa because of a heart attack while another 15 were hospitalized. Electrical power and water supplies were disrupted in Kutahya, which has caused problems in a local hospital who claims not to care for about 40 injured in the quake before the power failure.

In the province of Kutahya, Izmir, Bursa and Yalova, where keeping alive the memory of the devastating earthquake of 1999, with more than 25,000 dead, many people left their homes and spent the night in the streets.

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