Friday, May 20, 2011

More than 800 injured, two seriously, in a train accident in Soweto

A total of 857 people were injured, two seriously, in a train crash during rush hour in the evening in the urban area of Soweto, 'capital' of black South Africa situated 24 kilometers from the capital, Johannesburg. At the moment there have been no fatalities, although two of the victims are in critical condition and were evacuated by air to health units.

The rest have received assistance from broken bones and multiple injuries. Eyewitnesses reported that a passenger train rammed from behind another that was stopped. The violence of the collision caused some of the passengers came out fired through the windows. The South African authorities have acknowledged that this is one of the worst losses suffered in the South African rail network in recent years.

It has opened an investigation to determine the cause of the accident, reports the BBC. News programs on local television showed images of victims being treated at the scene of the collision by medical professionals, some of them in the light of torches. "We have asked for more ambulances to help transport the wounded to hospitals," he pointed Synock Matobako, spokesman for the emergency services.

The train makes the journey between Mzimhlophe and Phomolo in Soweto during the evening rush hour. One of the passengers, Ntusi Gladwell has revealed that he heard a loud bang followed by screams. "It was horrible, I saw people with broken legs, others with a fractured skull. It was not a pleasant scene," has acknowledged to the press.

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