Friday, May 20, 2011

Netanyahu meets Obama: The 67 borders are indefensible

And Barack Obama arrived. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Abu Mazen, do not know today how to digest the speech of U.S. president and his plan to boost the stalled peace process. A speech that dealt 'carrots and sticks many' the two leaders who thought that Obama had already thrown in the towel.

They did not, after the death of Osama bin Laden, he feels stronger than ever. Netanyahu was speaking shortly before heading to Ben Gurion airport to travel to Washington this week will face Obama in the White House in a meeting described as "critical" in bilateral relations and the peace negotiations.

Netanyahu arrives with a monumental anger that Obama "surprised" by saying what he wanted to hear: withdrawal to the borders of 67. Although U.S. President clarified that based on exchanges of territories agreed on, the Obama ad-demand dropped a bomb on the environment Netanyahu. "Obama has forgotten the principles of the Quartet in which it occurs.

It seems you do not understand the reality in the Middle East," denounced associates of the 'premier' Israeli news portal Ynet. Netanyahu was not as emphatic, but his statement of response to Obama's speech is regarded in Israel as "unprecedented" for its critical tone with the president of its main ally in the world.

After thanking Obama's efforts for peace and his commitment to Israel's security, said that "waiting to hear from Obama endorsing the U.S. commitments to Israel in 2004, which received support from both chambers. They have to do with each other with which Israel will not be required to withdraw to the 1967 borders.

They are not defensible lines and leave major population centers in Judea and Samaria [West Bank] outside these borders. " It added: "Israel believes that for peace, the Palestinian state can not come at the expense of the existence of Israel." The differences between the two leaders are very large and this relationship does not help the fact that Obama is the first president to publicly cite the borders of 67 as a basis for agreement.

The opposition led by Tzipi Livni praised the speech and called on Netanyahu to combat the paralysis of the peace process. The right was critical. "Barack Hussein Obama takes the stage for Arafat tactic to destroy Israel. Netanyahu should tell you that it can be forgotten," said Rep. more right-wing Likud, Danny Danon.

The consolation is that Obama rejected Netanyahu's unilateral tactics of Palestinian President Abu Mazen to declare a state is recognized in September the UN General Assembly. Defined it as "symbolic action" and part of a campaign to delegitimize Israel. Obama endorsed the Israeli argument to understand the fears created "by the agreement with Abu Mazen and Hamas that only recognizes the right of Israel to exist." And finally supported a Palestinian state "demilitarized" as claimed by Netanyahu.

On the Palestinian side, we should mention its huge disappointment in recent months with Obama's policy on the peace process. The differences between Abu Mazen and Obama are also becoming more visible and the best proof is its agreement with Hamas despite U.S. opposition also discouraged to go to the UN in September.

"Obama has told Netanyahu that the 'status quo is unsustainable and that the settlements are illegal and an obstacle. He has spoken of occupation and, most importantly, has taken up the recipe that we demand: that Israel withdraw from the occupied territories in 67 as the basis for two-state solution, "says a ELMUNDO.

It is a source of Al Fatah. Abu Mazen has called "as quickly as possible," the Palestinian leadership to discuss the implications of Obama's speech. Abu Mazen's spokesman, Nabil Abu Rudeina, adding that "the official reaction will be known after the meeting of the Palestinian leadership and consultation with the Arab League." Abu Mazen was confined yesterday to "congratulate and thank the president for his efforts to resume dialogue." Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat urged Israel "to give peace a chance" and annul the recent approval for construction of houses in East Jerusalem.

This was not a surprise was the condemnation of Hamas, who described Obama's words as "sham and a trap." Obama has taken several low blows (some might say necessary or even later) to Netanyahu and Abu Mazen, but the big question remains whether his words will eventually be accompanied by gestures and actions.

Knowing whether or impose his vision will continue accusing the parties deadlocked on the way to peace.

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