Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thousands of Japanese anti-nuclear protest in Tokyo

Tokyo .- Several thousand people took part Saturday in a demonstration in central Tokyo to protest Japan's energy policy, where the crisis is still open at the Fukushima nuclear plant nearly two months after the earthquake and tsunami. Accompanied by music and carrying banners with slogans calling for a change in the country's nuclear policy, the participants marched in the rain for the central business district of Shibuya.

The demonstration, which was broadcast by the organizers through the Internet, comes a day after Japan's Prime Minister, Naoto Kan, request cessation of the Hamaoka nuclear power plant, located in an area of high seismic risk. The company that operates the plant, Chubu Electric Power, said it plans to cripple Hamaoka, but today's meeting by its board ended without any concrete decision on the closure.

On 10 April, 2,500 people already gathered in Tokyo's Minato district to ask that paralyzed Chubu Electric Power Hamaoka, located about 200 kilometers south of Tokyo. Today's protest was organized by Hajime Shibuya Matsumoto, the same activist who coordinated another demonstration that gathered 15,000 people in the Koenji neighborhood of Tokyo's also on 10 April.

Since the nuclear crisis began in the Fukushima Daiichi plant because of the devastating earthquake and tsunami, have organized several mass demonstrations in Japan to request a change in nuclear policy of the country. Japan has not yet been able to control the situation in the Fukushima nuclear plant, whose reactor cooling system were left by the disaster of 11 March, at last count left 24 837 dead or missing.

Tokyo Electric Power, the company that operates the plant in Fukushima, aims to achieve a stable cooling for summer and bring the reactor to a "cooling down" within six to nine months.

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